Office buildings

Office and residential complex Centrum Park in Lublin - see details EN


The latest and most prestigious investment in central Lublin, constituting VIII-storey residential and commercial building and the V-storey office building.

The offer includes 46 apartments with an area from 47 to 148 m2; each with a spacious balcony or terrace, and commercial premises with an area from 68 to 147 m2. Attention to detail and aesthetics make it one of the most attractive proposal for everyone looking for an apartment or flat service in Lublin.

On site work 2 air handling units type Optima with built-in control sets, with a total supply air flow – 49 000 m3/h.

Euro Styl Offices in Gdańsk (BPH Bank)

Office and residential complex Cztery Oceany in Gdańsk - see details

Office building in Gdańsk, ul. Jabłoniowa

Office in Gdynia, ul. Spokojna

Zoeller Tech Rekowo Górne - see details EN


EKOCEL Sp. zoo. – The leader in providing solutions for municipal companies in Poland – operates in Puck since 1997. In 2014 moved to a new factory, located in the Rekowo Górne. It is part of the international group Zoeller.

EKOCEL offers:

– garbage trucks skips with a capacity of 8 to 28 m³
– system solutions, such as washing containers, loading containers, etc.
– loading systems from a wide range of products Zoeller.

On site operates six air handling units, type Optima, with a total supply air flow, of over 107 500 m3/h.

Metalzbyt offices in Wejherowo

Wejher park Wejherowo - see details

POLTRAF offices in Gdańsk

DRACO office in Gdańsk - see details

SKAT office in Gdańsk - see details

Business Incubator in Lębork

Teofilów Business Park in Łódź

De Heus office in Łódź

SOGO hotel and office building in Wysoka/near Wrocław

Jabłonów commercial and office center in Warszawa

Lecture halls in Politechnika Śląska

Business centre – Akacjowy Park in Warszawa

ENERGA office building in Wrocław

Nord Office Park Lublin - see details

Nature University Wrocław

Ditta Seria office and warehouse building

AEC Stanowice - see details

Offices, sports hall Poniatówek

Grudziądz Technology Park

KATS offices in Łódź

Offices - VOLVO Wrocław manufactury - see details EN


The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and drive systems for boats and industrial equipment. The Group also offers complete solutions in the field of finance and services.

The company is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Volvo Group employs about 100 000 people, has production facilities in 18 countries and sells its products to more than 190 markets.

Lecture – hall in Bytów (in the implementation)

LandProp Services – Gdynia