The latest compact unit Opal Compact is now available in OPAL series of Clima Gold.


You can choose between counter flow and rotary exchangers, both plug&play type.


Product characteristics:
6 available sizes
– high efficiency fans with EC motors
– integrated control system, with possibility of equipping device with extra WEB Server control system
– supply and exhaust
– high efficiency of heat recovery
– wide regulation range of unit’s efficiency
– smooth adjustment of the heater power
in accordance with ECO DESIGN 2018!
– initial start-up in the factory
ready to use


Since the beginning of the year we have sold few hundreds of Opal Compact devices, which now are working in facilities throughout Poland. The unit had its premiere at this year’s Ventilation Forum – Air Conditioning Exhibition 2018 in Warsaw, focusing the attention and interest of the many visitors. It was exposed for public in our stand and also in Technology Arena, where you could familiarize yourself with it’s parameters.


We encourage you to contact our Regional offices for more information.


Booklet to download (in polish language): Opal Compact 2018