„HOSPITALS – what determinates them as safe and modern” conference in Łódź EXPO

„HOSPITALS – what determinates them as safe and modern” conference in Łódź EXPO


On 18th October 2017 Clima Gold participated in one of this year’s Łódź EXPO conferences about safe and modern hospitals. The main subject was „Major ventilation problems in hospital rooms and ways of solving them”.

Do you know the most common problems you may face while designing, building and upgrading hospitals? What does the modern hospital really need? How well do you know the guidlines for the design or manufacture of ventilation & air conditioning systems used in healthcare facilities and other clean rooms? How to avoid often mistakes on any of the main constructing and operating levels? All those subjects were discussed at the conference on healthcare facilities.

Based on experience from already existing investments in Poland, the organizers presented also ways of designing a secure ICT infrastructure in a medical environment and good design practises in the area of Modern Data Center in the hospitals. Besides, the participants were debating about the principles of illumination of operating rooms/ postoperative rooms/ sick rooms etc, and risk associated with incorrect use of HVAC systems.

The conference was accompanied by an exhibition and testing solutions, prepared by manufacturers of healthcare facilities solutions.


Thank you all for taking part in this event!


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